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06 Jul

3 Reasons to Repair Drywall Cracks Around Your Windows

A crack in your drywall isn’t always a cause for panic, but it’s not something that’s always safe to ignore, either. If you see a drywall crack or two near some of your home’s windows, call in a handyman ASAP. Here’s why:

3 Reasons to Repair Drywall Cracks Around Your Windows

1. Cracks grow if they aren’t repaired.

Sometimes drywall can crack just because of age and pressure. Drywall also cracks around the seams because there’s a natural fault line in the wall. But even innocuous cracks can spread and lead to significant problems if they’re left alone. An experienced handyman can both smooth over the crack and add back the tensile strength of the original seam to slow the formation of future cracks. Even for thin cracks, you’ll want something more than DIY Spackle.

2. Don’t let cracks break the water-tight seal around your windows.

When cracks get wider, they can start to dislodge seals and caulk lines. If there’s a crack around the window inside of the house, the wall can look like it’s starting to peel away from the window. That also means there’s less structure holding the heavy windows in place, and the window itself can start to shift around.

3. The cracks might be a sign of settling.

When you first see cracks in the wall, your first thought is probably about the foundation. While not every crack is a sign of settling, any damage near the windows is a sign that one end of the wall is experiencing movement that the other side isn’t. The window often gets caught in the middle and refuses to move. Call in a specialist who can recognize if it’s really a cause for concern or just cosmetic.

No matter where your home’s drywall cracks are, Excellent American Glass can help. Contact us here to schedule an appointment or to ask specific questions.