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18 Jun

3 Ways You Can Make a Small Kitchen Feel Spacious

The kitchen is one of the busiest places in a home, so you want the space to be beautiful, comfortable, and functional. When your kitchen seems smaller than you’d like, it’s difficult to avoid getting frustrated. However, even with just a few changes, you can make your kitchen feel brand new and more spacious.

3 Ways You Can Make a Small Kitchen Feel Spacious

Add a Bay Window

If your kitchen has an eat-in area, you can make that space feel more open by adding a large bay window to the outside wall. Because additional sunlight will fill the room, your entire kitchen will appear more spacious. The window’s outward style gives a fabulous opportunity for seating. Install bench seating in the alcove to use on one side of your table with chairs on the other three sides.

Paint Your Cabinetry

An excellent way to refresh your kitchen and make it feel spacious is to repaint your cabinets a lovely white. This color will give your home a modern look and feel. This paint color, because of its light hue, will also make the area look like it has additional square footage. Pair the white cabinetry with chrome or brushed nickel knobs and handles to reflect the light for a fabulous look.

Add a Skylight

If the architecture of your house allows it, you should have a skylight installed over your kitchen island or sink. The natural light it lets in will emphasize the beauty of your counters and flooring and will make the entire kitchen feel open and airy. Because of that additional light, the whole room will look and feel more spacious.

Several ways exist to make any kitchen look and feel spacious, even when you can’t increase the square footage. For more information about kitchen renovations, please contact us today. Our team will work with you on a kitchen design that you and your family will love.