Professional Glass Installation & Repair

Excellent American GlassIf you are looking for high quality material and superior customer service, then Excellent American Glass is the perfect company for the job! We value our customers and, therefore, we place the highest priority on each of our custom glass projects. The glass that is placed throughout one’s home plays a double role, adding a touch of luxury and beauty while also creating a functional and practical surface.

The windows and doors throughout your home allow you to let that beautiful sunshine in and also provide a way for you to look out into your yard or patio. Maybe you stay close to the window to watch your children playing outside or keep a steady eye on the door to see who might be dropping in to say hello. These glass panes are surfaces within your home that receive a lot of notice and attention through the years, both by you and by others.

The bathroom is another room in the home that houses various sources of glass in our shower doors and mirrors. We often worry about keeping these items clean and fail to realize that these reflective surfaces can make a powerful aesthetic statement in our homes. In addition to their basic use and function, they become a focal point of which the rest of the room is built upon.

We grow accustomed to looking at these pieces of glass without stopping to consider where exactly they came from and how they were made. At Excellent American Glass, we take pride in giving our customers only the best product that is built to last in both beauty and durability. We know that the glass within your home sees a lot of wear and tear and many messes throughout the years, and we want to enhance your residential property in any way that we can by creating a product that proves itself strong against the life that is lived within your home.

Our company works with each of our customers to help bring in a product that is just the right fit for the style of your home. The front door that looks so good on your neighbor’s house may not look quite so well on your own. Those beautiful French doors that you saw online might be only half as beautiful as the options that we have to provide. From doors to mirrors to skylights, our attention to detail matched with our stellar product creates a name and brand that we want to be heard in every home in the Dallas area.

Our professional experience in the world of glass is an asset that any homeowner would be wise to tap into as new construction is underway or that long-awaited remodel is finally being launched. From initial consultation all the way to the last leg of installation, our team at Excellent American Glass is committed to bringing a greater value to your home. Call us today to learn more about all of the services that we have to offer!