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19 Sep

Adding a Skylight to a Child’s Bedroom

If you’re looking for a solution that allows more natural light into your home, skylights are a fabulous choice. Properly-installed, such a feature will make an area look brighter, and because of the extra light, your space will even feel more spacious. One fabulous place to add one or more skylights, if the architecture of your house allows it, is in a child’s bedroom.

Adding a Skylight to a Child’s Bedroom

Adding a Skylight to an Infant’s Room

For a great look, add a skylight over your infant’s crib. Your child will be able to watch the clouds as the weather changes. The color of the sky will keep them enthralled all day long. If you don’t want the skylight directly over the crib, you could also place it over the changing table. It will still add extra light to the room, providing that bit of additional brightness you might need while changing your child’s diaper.

Adding a Skylight to a Young Child’s Room

Young children will love having a skylight over their bed so they can gaze up at the stars at night. If you have two children with twin beds, consider installing one over each bed. When they have sleepovers, all of the children will love looking up at the sky, especially on those exceptional nights when the moon is in the exact right position where they can see it.

Adding a Skylight to a Teen’s Room

Installing a skylight in a teenager’s room not only adds extra light, but it also adds a distinctive look that they’ll love. Because very few teenagers will have a skylight in their bedroom, your teen will love showing theirs off to all of their friends. Relaxing on their bed, staring up through the glass, will also provide them a sense of peace and time to meditate on their day, which is mentally more relaxing than staring at the ceiling.

Having a skylight installed anywhere in your home, especially in your child’s room, is an investment you won’t regret. For more information, please contact us today.