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03 Dec

Bring Natural Light Into Your Home’s Central Rooms with a Skylight

Natural lighting plays a significant role in making your home comfortable and beautiful. Large windows and glass patio doors can make every room that touches the exterior wall of your home bright and airy. But some of your home’s rooms might not be able to have those beautiful windows. Instead of relying on daylight LEDs to bring natural-looking light into your home, let the sunlight in with a beautiful skylight.

Bring Natural Light Into Your Home's Central Rooms with a Skylight

Skylights Will Fill Your Central Rooms with Light

Skylights provide a beautiful frosted glow in rooms that can’t reach your home’s exterior doors. This can include central bedrooms, bathrooms, and even the master closet. Trained installers work hard to incorporate the skylight onto the right side of your roof for as much southern and sunlight exposure as possible. Even during the long winter months, your home will be filled with as much sunlight as possible.

Skylights and sky tunnels can provide plenty of overhead, natural light through your attic or directly through the roof. You can also incorporate skylights into rooms that don’t have space for windows, such as guest baths and laundry rooms.

Don’t Worry About Leaks or Air Gaps

If you’ve always wanted a skylight but you’ve heard about leaks, gaps, and ruined roofs, don’t let old technology stop you from getting the lighting you want. Skylight technology has radically improved to provide a water-tight seal against any roof material or pitch, so you don’t have to worry about water damage. The glass and surrounding supports are also insulated with higher R-value ratings. You don’t have to worry about your home filling with hot summer air or losing heat during the winter.

Excellent American Glass specializes in installing high-quality skylights and glass features. If you want to fill your home with bright light that’s easier on your eyes and makes the space more inviting, contact us today to get started.