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08 Oct

Choosing the Best Trim Paint Finish for Your Project

Whether you’re considering sprucing up the outside of your home with newly-painted doors, shutters, and trim, or you’d like to put a fresh coat on your kitchen’s baseboards, working with a professional painter is the way to go for the best final result.

Choosing the Best Trim Paint Finish for Your Project

Trim Paint Finishes

When selecting the correct paint type for your trim, it’s important to understand paint finishes and their role in cleanup as well as the protection they offer to the surface you’re covering.

High-gloss paint is best for trim in the kitchen, a high-use area where easy cleanup is essential. However, the surface needs to be prepared properly and well-sanded, because high-gloss paint shows surface blemishes more readily than other sheens. A professional painter has the tools to clean and prep kitchen trim so that the first coat goes on perfectly.

You may also opt for a semi-gloss, which is still durable but doesn’t show imperfections as much.

A satin finish is still fairly easy to clean and is ideal if you don’t want to make the trim or other room accents stand out.

Knowing which one to choose depends on whether you’d like to draw attention to the trim and accents, in addition to how frequently the surface to be painted is likely to be cleaned. In a bedroom, which is considered a low-traffic area, a satin finish won’t call attention to baseboards while still allowing you to wipe the surface when needed. However, if you have a home with lots of decorative moldings, railings, and specialty trim work, using a semi-gloss or high-gloss paint will bring out these features even more, adding to the overall charm of the space.

What About Eggshell or Flat?

It’s best to avoid paint with an eggshell (a finish with less sheen than satin) or flat finish on trim and baseboards. It’s harder to clean, and frequent wiping or scrubbing will wear away at the paint faster.

Whether you’re planning on brightening up your kitchen or want to give your entire house a makeover, Excellent American Glass will help you get that perfect finish. Give us a call and put our painting experts to work for you!