Professional Glass Installation & Repair

Glass DoorsDue to our consistent effort to stay current with the biggest and most recent trends in home design, Excellent American Glass recognizes the popularity of glass doors and all the beauty and charm that they bring to your home. “Bringing the outside in” is the latest craze with architects and designers, and there is a lot of planning and strategic thinking involved in making this organic feature come alive in your home. Greater views and openings require more glass and an expectation of durability, and we are committed to making those elements a successful reality in each home that we have the pleasure of working in.

Beautiful glass surrounded by a solid framework is the most ideal way to welcome someone into your home or lead them out onto your patio. Well-designed and technically crafted glass doors can easily become the focal point of any room and are an important and functional accessory to be accounted for when designing your new home or projected remodel. If you are planning to add glass doors in your home, you don’t want to settle for anything less than the best in quality and in customer service, and that is why Excellent American Glass is the number one choice for so many Dallas-Fort Worth homeowners. Our hard work and attention to detail is evident in each glass door that we install, and we strive to go above and beyond for our customers in achieving satisfaction in a job well done at a price that they can afford.

In addition to traditional glass doors or elegant French doors, we also offer folding outswing doors that go even further in welcoming the outside into your home. These customized doors are intended to create a beautiful wall of light when they are closed and a beautiful framing for your scenic view when opened and folded to the side. Each panel is designed with energy efficiency in mind and contains a weathertight seal, thus creating an innovative wall within your home that is multi-functional and aesthetically pleasing without breaking the bank in the process.

Whether you have installed custom doors in your home before or are considering this addition for the first time, our company is your reliable and straight-forward ticket to picturesque results. We perform quality work in a professional manner, and we enjoy the new opportunities and different challenges that each customer and each project brings. Call us today to schedule an estimate and learn more about all of the glass services that we have to offer!