Professional Glass Installation & Repair

Handyman-WorkA reliable, trustworthy, fairly-priced handyman is invaluable. Whether you have the know-how but lack the time, or prefer to leave the honey-dos to the professionals, Excellent American Glass is your solution for home repair projects. We are available for both small and large jobs. Though not exhaustive, below are some of our areas of expertise:

You are not the only one, most all of us have had an oops that ends up with a hole in the sheetrock. Count on us to make a repair that is seamless. Our services here also include painting and matching unique surfaces. We can wall off areas and create new openings.

You are going to need a reliable plumber at some point, trust us. Whether it is a toilet you cannot unclog, a faucet that won’t stop dripping, a sink that will not drain, defunct garbage disposal, or some other plumbing issue, you can count on Excellent American Glass to make your broken something right again. We provide affordable solutions to plumbing challenges. And, you can rest easy knowing we stand behind our work 100%.

Electrical repair work is often something the handiest of homeowners is likely to outsource. Our electricians are trained and certified to provide dependable, affordable electrical work. We can:

  • Repair broken light switches
  • Install new lighting fixtures
  • Wire for, and install, televisions
  • Install speakers
  • Set up home theaters
  • And more

Excellent American Glass is the handyman you can trust. Give us a call today.