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29 Jan

How Skylights Can Open Up Small Areas of Your Home

Often in a home, small areas exist that are dark and dreary. Usually, these small areas are in places where you can’t install a standard window, and extra lighting isn’t enough. An excellent way to solve this problem is by installing one or more skylights in your home.

How Skylights Can Open Up Small Areas of Your Home

Tiny Half-Bath

If you have a small powder room in your home, you know how dark and claustrophobic it can feel. Even with bright lights over the sink, the room can still feel like the walls are closing in on you. By installing a skylight in that space, you’re able to allow in natural light, which will make the small area instantly feel brighter and more comfortable.

Master Closet

In a closet, because the lighting is generally sub-par, it can become challenging to coordinate clothing. Navy blue looks black. Dark green can look blue. Orange can appear more reddish. A skylight that allows sunlight to enter the closet will help you distinguish colors more readily so you can put together outfits that will look fabulous.

Narrow Hallway

A narrow hall can make your house feel extremely closed-in and oppressive. With one or more skylights installed in that area, you can completely change the feeling and create a cheerful atmosphere even in a narrow space. The added exposure to more natural light is psychologically healthy and will uplift the mood of everyone in your home.

Cramped Entryway

If your entry is quite small, it can make your home feel unwelcoming to both family and guests. You can significantly open up the look of the area by installing a skylight. With additional light streaming inside, you’ll create a more cordial-feeling entry for everyone who comes through your front door.

The addition of skylights to a home can add beauty, light, and value to your property. For more information, please contact us today. We can recommend the best areas of your home to install one or more quality skylights.