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06 Aug

Interior Glass Doors Adds Sophistication

Glass accents in a home always add a modern flair to any decor. When updating your interior, consider adding glass doors to one or more rooms for a sophisticated look that will allow more light to filter throughout your home.

Interior Glass Doors Adds Sophistication

Glass French Doors – If you have a separate, formal dining room in your residence, add gorgeous French doors to the entry. The glass will still allow light into the room, so it doesn’t feel closed off, while the doors add a dramatic decor accent. Glass French doors also look fabulous as the entrance to a home office. The glass allows you to see out so you can monitor what’s happening in your home but also gives you the privacy you need.

Glass Pocket Door – For a chic look, install a pocket door as the entrance to your master bathroom. A glass pocket door with a lovely wooden trim will add a distinctive appearance to your home. Choose clear glass for an open and airy look or frosted glass for privacy. You can also install a frosted glass pocket door at the entrance to your toilet room. This option is fabulous when you have a separate area for your toilet. A pocket design made with glass will give you privacy, but it won’t feel as claustrophobic.

Glass Barn Door – Adding one fabulous opaque sliding door to your pantry or wine closet will look quite elegant. Combined with brushed nickel or black hardware, a glass barn door design always creates interest in a home. Everyone will think that the entry leads to an extraordinary place. You can use a clear glass barn door as the entry into a playroom. The glass will let you see your children inside while blocking out some of the noise. Your children will also love the ease of sliding a barn door back and forth.

Glass Sliding Doors – Double sliding glass doors, often used as an exit into the backyard, look marvelous as the entry into a sunroom as well. You can also use glass sliding doors for your closets. Choose an opaque design to hide what’s inside or even opt for a mirrored design to reflect light and to eliminate the need for a long freestanding or wall mirror. You can also combine the two options for a custom design that everyone will love.

Interior glass doors are just as gorgeous as glass entry doors, so consider glass when updating the inside of your home. For more information about glass doors, please contact us today. We are a professional glass company and place a high priority on custom glass projects.