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25 Feb

Mirrors and Glass Create Beautiful Accent Walls that Will Add Style to Your Home

When you have a blank wall, and you don’t know what to do with it, a great choice is to create accent walls. One way to do this is with custom mirrors and glass to create a distinctive look in your home.

Mirrors and Glass Create Beautiful Accent Walls that Will Add Style to Your Home

First, you’ll want to select a wall. It can be a large or small wall. Choose one that looks barren and out of place, so that when you turn it into an accent wall, it will add significant interest and style to your decor.

Second, you need to have a focal point on the wall. A great way to do this is with one or more custom mirrors. These can be framed or unframed. For a narrow space, you should choose unframed mirrors. To add depth and texture in a larger area, choose framed ones. You can use one large mirror in the center or create a design with several smaller mirrors. You can opt for standard square or round mirrors or instead choose slim rectangular designs and have them hung horizontally for a unique look.

Third, you’ll want to hang artwork or photographs in an appealing pattern on each side of the mirrors. This art can reflect multiple colors for a bold look or black and white for an elegant look. To add sophistication to the overall appearance, you can have each picture mounted under glass. Use a coordinating wood or metal frame or merely encase the artwork in glass and nothing more.

Lastly, to enhance the entire look, have accent lighting added above the mirrors and pictures. Point the beams so that they shine down on your accent wall. The targeted light will make each feature look expensive and classy.

For more information about custom mirrors and glass projects, please contact us today. Whether the design needs for your home are large or small, we’re committed to excellence and will help you get the perfect look in every room of your house.