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16 Aug

Mirrors that Add a Spacious Feeling to Your Home

If you have a small home, or you have tight areas regardless of the size of your home, the addition of mirrors can completely transform such spaces into feeling brighter and more spacious. To get the best use out of mirrors, don’t settle for traditional sizes and styles, however. Get custom mirrors that will perfectly fit your space for a fabulous appearance.

Mirrors that Add a Spacious Feeling to Your Home

Entryway Mirrors

If your entryway feels a bit dark or claustrophobic, add a framed mirror to lighten up that space. For a distinctive look, try a slim vertical mirror right next to your front door or on both sides of the door if you have the wall space. Such mirrors will produce a similar look to narrow windows next to the door. If you install a small wall sconce over each mirror, the light will reflect into the area and produce a gorgeous look.

Bedroom Mirrors

To create a unique design element in a bedroom, while introducing more light at the same time, try hanging a large, horizontal mirror on the wall near the ceiling. A great place to do this is over the bed. The mirror will reflect light into the room and make the area feel more spacious. You can then match that mirror with a tall headboard or hang a piece of art under the mirror to complete the look.

Dining Room Mirrors

An excellent way to elevate the look of your dining room and make it appear larger is to install a large mirror on one wall. Don’t merely select a plain mirror though. Opt for a mirror with a criss-cross pattern over the glass or some other geometric design and a slim frame. This type of decorative mirror will capture everyone’s attention and will make your dining room feel bright and welcoming.

For more information about custom mirrors and how to use them in your decor, please contact us today. We work with high-quality materials that will add luxury and beauty to your home.