Professional Glass Installation & Repair

House Remodeling Contractor

When it comes to hiring a professional glass installation company, you want to settle for nothing but the best. From doors to windows to mirrors and more, the glass that surrounds you throughout your home makes a powerful aesthetic statement but also brings forth a surface that is fragile yet must be durable at the same time.

Home Remodeling Services

Excellent American Glass works with residential customers across the Plano and greater Dallas area to install and replace a variety of different glass products that are suited for a number of different purposes within your home. As your guests are pulling into your driveway, our residential glass doors and window panes will make a beautiful statement across the front of your home. When you welcome your friends and family from the interior of your home out onto the patio, you can walk them through a gorgeous set of French doors that have been carefully installed and shined with the intent of bringing both beauty and value to your home.

We also specialize in the installation of sky lights, and we see many of our customers adding this popular addition to their bedrooms or bathrooms. These pieces of glass are specifically placed and treated in a way that brings the outdoors into your home without bringing the unpleasant weather or insects in with it. There are a lot of details and technicalities surrounding this type of installation, making it something that many homeowners should consider allowing a professional to handle rather than taking on the project themselves.

The bathroom is another spot that we spend a lot of time working in when we are performing our residential glass services. Whether you are in the middle of designing your brand new home or are looking to remodel and enhance your preexisting property, Excellent American Glass has a vast amount of experience and expertise when it comes to selecting the right shower door and mirror for your bathroom. We work with clients who are furnishing a master suite and require multiple large mirrors and multi-panel shower doors. We also work with clients who only seek to install glass on a smaller scale and need some help in replacing an old mirror or revitalizing an outdated shower.

Whatever glass project you have in mind, be it big or small, we are the right company for you! Our commitment to excellence is seen in our dedication to our customers and in our strict adherence to the safety protocols necessary when handling such a fragile material on a consistent basis. The work that we do matters to us, and we hope to talk to you soon to share more about how our services can impact your property in an amazing way!