Professional Glass Installation & Repair

Glass Shower Enclosure

When it comes to designing your brand new home or remodeling your outdated space, it is both fun and exciting to take advantage of all of your options. There are so many elements throughout your home that can combine both beauty and practicality, and your bathroom, specifically, houses a great deal of hidden potential. The decision to bring your bathroom to the next level of luxury and design is a win-win for every home because it greatly increases the value while adding to the enjoyment and everyday comforts of what will soon become your favorite room.

Glass shower doors and silver mirrored glass can be a simple yet profound way to make the space feel bigger and more elegant. You will wake up every morning feeling like you are staying in the penthouse of your favorite hotel, with lavish and customized glass work that utilizes every ounce of sunlight that you have pouring into the room. Our dedicated team of glass experts welcomes the challenge that comes with taking on a large variety of homes with bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. Some rooms require simply adding on a new glass door or revamping an existing enclosure design while others involve restructuring the entire room and planning to mesmerize guests with a complete and luxurious overhaul.

At Excellent American Glass, we have gone before you in each of these shower door and tub enclosure projects and thought through all of the necessary details involved. The process starts with sitting down with our designers who will take precise measurements of your bathroom space and work with you in presenting ideas that will enhance your property and level of relaxation in every way! We are committed to producing high quality glass work that presents a beautiful and reflective surface while remaining dependable and sturdy enough to handle the everyday wear and tear that a busy bathroom can bring.

Our frameless glass shower doors are stunningly beautiful and easy to clean, improving the livability of your home. The continuity of design will be achieved by customizing a door that is the perfect fit for your particular bathroom space, and we will ensure that proper ventilation is in place so that moisture leaves the room sufficiently without cause for worry regarding mold buildup. There is a science and an art to creating a shower and tub space that looks great but also works together efficiently, placing doors and fixtures in specific locations and angles to avoid splashing water out.

We are proud to stand by the premium level of quality that we have to offer our customers in both our products and our customer service approach, and we would love to have the pleasure of working on your next glass shower project in your beautiful DFW home. Call us today to learn more and to schedule an estimate so that we can get the process started!