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31 Jul

Specialized Mirror Installation: DIY Your Own Versailles

The Palace of Versailles is a well-known and beloved landmark in France. King Louis XIV commissioned this architectural masterpiece in 1661; however, it was not completed until 1710. Its Hall of Mirrors is a decadent feast for the eyes. It spans 73 meters in length, 10.5 m in width, and boasts a 12.3 m ceiling; that’s 230 feet by 34 feet by 40 feet, for those of us using the Imperial system. It contains a unique design with a wall of 17 mirrors with the opposite wall being made of 17 windows. The setup is marvelous to see, even just in photographs. It creates a sense of grandeur and ethereal beauty.

Specialized Mirror Installation: DIY Your Own Versailles

Here at Excellent American Glass, we strive to put the same dedication into your homes as Jules Hardouin-Mansart devoted to the Palace of Versailles. While you might not have 31,280 square feet and 49 years to devote to your own Hall of Mirrors, you can still turn a single wall into your very own stunning work of art. The great news is that it doesn’t even have to be a full wall! You can turn just about any space into a beautiful gallery.

DIY: How to Create a Beautiful Glass Gallery Wall

For starters, you will need a wall. This does seem like an obvious requirement, but it can be difficult to settle on which wall (or walls!) to use. A good place to begin would be in your living room. Another place for a gallery wall could be in your bedroom or hallway. A wall of carefully placed mirrors will enlarge and brighten any space.

How to Design Your Gallery

Once you’ve chosen your gallery space, the next step is to design it! If you are the creative-type, this is the fun part. If you can’t channel Martha Stewart, let us help you! We will listen to your ideas and help you make them a reality. Our staff is very eager to help you, but we will not steamroll you into something you don’t like.

Important Tips to Remember

Choosing the right pieces might be stressful, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Start by researching gallery walls on the internet. Google and Pinterest are both excellent tools. Look at several design options to create a springboard for your own designs. To add a personal flair, let us make your design! We love to custom-make our customers’ mirrors and glass. We want your wall to be everything you hoped for and then some!

The color scheme of the room is crucial. Your art pieces should complement the colors of the room. Take the wall paint and furniture colors into consideration here. If you need some help knowing how to color-coordinate your space, check out this article on the HGTV website! The main thing is to keep the color wheel in mind. Colors directly beside each other are complementary and will work well together. Colors that are on the opposite side are contrasting, and will make for excellent pops of color. For a HGTV article on the color wheel, check this out.

Balance is an integral part of designing a gallery wall. If the placement looks a little off, it might be because it’s unbalanced. Think of it like a teeter-totter at the playground. You want both sides to be about even to maximize the appeal. Don’t forget to take your furniture into account, as well. You can also play around with asymmetry.

The next and arguably the most important of these four points to remember is to have fun! Don’t worry about not getting it flawless on the first try. Let go of the urge to have everything be perfect right away. You may need to try a few different combinations and placements before you find one you love. If you don’t love the gallery wall as you’ve arranged it, change it! Give yourself permission to play. You’ll be glad you did later!

Installing Your Gallery Wall

One pro-tip is to cut out paper to match your artwork and mirrors. You can use construction paper, butcher paper, or even printer paper. The goal is to create something you can easily move around to achieve the ideal composition. You can lay the paper out on the floor or use painters’ tape to tape it to the wall in question. Again, don’t be afraid to really play with the layout.

Now that you’ve got a design that you adore, and you have your art, mirrors, and glass ready; it’s time to hang it up! Using the paper cutouts from earlier, mark on them where the nails, screws, etc. are. Then use your painters’ tape to tape the paper up on the wall. Once you’ve done that, use the markings to hang up your gallery! Make sure that you’re using the correct fasteners; double-check the weight ratings to make sure that your fasteners will hold. Use a stud finder and affix the larger pieces to the studs.

Do you find the thought of installing your beautiful-yet-breakable masterpiece worrisome? Fret no more; we would love to install the mirrors for you! Let us take expert care of all the installation details

Get Excited!

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge you need, it’s time to get going! Contact us so we can help you achieve the designs of your dreams. This is our passion and we can’t wait to help you get started!