Professional Glass Installation & Repair

17 Dec

Update Your Entryway with Glass, Windows, and Mirrors

If the entryway of your home feels dark or claustrophobic because of its layout or small size, an excellent way to add light and the illusion of space is with glass. Various options exist when it comes time to update your entry by adding glass.

Update Your Entryway with Glass, Windows, and Mirrors

Decorative Glass

To improve the look of your entryway, have an arched window installed over your front door. You can select clear glass, etched glass, or colored glass for a fabulous look. With this addition of glass, more natural light will filter into your home and make your entryway appear brighter and more spacious. The addition of decorative glass will improve not only the interior but the exterior appearance of your home.

Sidelight Glass

You can also add a long, narrow, rectangular window on one or both sides of your front door to allow in more light to brighten your entryway. You can opt for clear glass and then add sheer shades, which will let in light but will give you a measure of privacy at the same time. Or you can opt for decorative glass to add a stylish look.

Ornamental Mirrors

Hanging one or more ornamental mirrors in your entryway to reflect light is another fabulous way to create the illusion of more space. Instead of choosing a plain mirror, select a design that will enhance your decor. You can hang one large mirror on the wall or group smaller ones together in a geometric pattern to create an attractive design.

Roof Window

If the architecture of your house will allow it, consider having a skylight installed. Such a window will allow in a significant amount of light that will bathe your entryway in sunbeams, creating a lovely and welcoming appearance in your home. You’ll love the visual impact that a skylight produces throughout the day, which makes such an addition to your property worth the investment.

For more information on ways to brighten up an entryway or any other space in your home with glass, please contact us today.