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05 Nov

Why Paint a Brick House?

Although bricks don’t require finishing like most other siding materials, you might want to consider painting them. This project delivers several benefits, including better surface protection and a more distinctive appearance. Let’s take a quick look at four of the most compelling reasons to apply paint:

Why Paint a Brick House?

1. An outer coating safeguards brick surfaces, preventing decay, fading and moisture problems. Mold is less likely to grow on the home’s exterior. This advantage holds the greatest importance in damp climates. Painting protects bricks from wind-driven rain, ice, snow and other harsh conditions. However, this will only happen if a painter takes the proper precautions and uses suitable materials.

2. When you decide to paint a brick home, you can choose a color that appeals to you. It doesn’t need to match the coloration of the bricks. You could select a paint that complements nearby buildings or opt to try something completely different. This project gives you the power to fully customize your dwelling’s exterior.

3. Like any house with fresh paint, your home will look newer and more appealing. Many brick buildings have an attractive appearance when painted grey, red or white. However, almost any color could look great in the right location. This enhancement also has the potential to raise the value of your property.

4. Paint creates a smooth, sealed surface that allows for easier maintenance and cleaning. Homeowners save substantial amounts of time and money as a result. You won’t have to wash rough, porous bricks or worry about the particles and residues they collect. It’s possible to clean painted surfaces with dish detergent.

The bottom line is that painting preserves, beautifies and personalizes a house. However, it’s crucial to use the appropriate supplies and equipment. Bricks require thorough washing, drying and preparation before any painting takes place. Consider hiring a professional to maximize the benefits of this project; please contact us today to learn more.